Beauty Hacks For Busy Moms: Cheap and Easy

Beauty Hacks For Busy Moms: Cheap and Easy

Have you fallen into the mommy rut of pony-tailed hair, bare face, and jeans? Are you ready to be the cute mom at playgroup? In just a few minutes every morning, you can take a plain everyday look to a whole new level of style without spending a Gatesian fortune on couture. In this article we will share with you four beauty hacks for busy moms.

Beauty Hacks For Busy Moms

Step One: Quick and Easy Makeup

When talking about beauty hacks for busy moms. We must say that many women feel they have to choose between spending hours on their makeup or wearing an entirely bare face. Think again, because summer is the perfect time to try a slightly polished natural look. You can pull together a fresh and pretty face with a quick swipe of pressed powder to absorb shine, followed by powdered bronzer to add warmth to your skin.

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Finish with dark brown mascara to define your eyes and a shimmery lip gloss. This youthful, sun kissed look takes just minutes to apply, making it an easy everyday solution for even the busiest mommy.

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Step Two: Fast Hair Fix

The second hack of our beauty hacks for busy moms is fast hair fix. So, tired of your ponytail? With a quick twist and a few pins, you can have an easy and sophisticated bun. If you have short hair, try teasing it a little at the crown and sweeping your bangs to the side for a retro look that is new again this season. Whatever your hair dilemma, you can’t go wrong this year with a smooth look and a side part. High maintenance highlights are out, so get a rich single color and keep it glossy with weekly shine treatments.

Step Three: Ditch the Jeans

Who doesn’t love the multi-functional comfort of blue jeans? Unfortunately, there is nothing girly or glam about them. This summer, try a knee-length walking short or a flouncy knee-length skirt.

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Both are just as easy to care for as jeans and can be worn as part of a comfortable, casual everyday look. If you are hooked on the idea of denim, try a dark denim trouser in a wide-legged cut.

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Step Four: Accessorize

Every outfit needs a focal point, so your last step should be to add one interesting piece to your look. This can be anything from sparkly gold sandals to a few beaded bracelets on your wrist. Chunky, bold accessories are in, so don’t be afraid to be loud as long as you are keeping the volume down by focusing on one or two key items. Accessories are an opportunity to flaunt your personality, so choose something that really speaks to you.

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Beauty Hacks For Busy Moms

Every mommy deserves the self-confidence of a finished look. With a few key pieces and a little time, this fifteen-minute makeover will give you the poise and polish you need to carry you through yet another day of wiping noses and chasing toddlers.

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