How to Make Makeup Last Longer: Fading Eye Makeup

How to Make Makeup Last Longer: Fading Eye Makeup

When talking about how to make makeup last longer. We should say that, this is another situation where a primer can save the day. Eye shadow primers can be purchased at most cosmetic counters, but there’s nothing wrong with using a foundation primer to serve double duty on face and eyelids.

Apply a thin layer on each eyelid before putting on eye shadow. After putting on shadow, dab a light layer of translucent powder on to “set” the color. For longer lasting eyeliner, use a liquid formulation that’s waterproof. These eyeliners contain acrylic polymers and stay on so well that they can be difficult to remove when it’s time to go to bed.

How to Make Makeup Last Longer ?

Keep Lip Color Fresh to Make Makeup Last Longer

Like foundations, lip colors with a matte consistency stay on better and last longer. One problem that many women encounter is lip color that flakes and peels. For makeup to last longer on the lips it should be applied to a smooth surface – and this requires exfoliation.

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To exfoliate lips, make a scrub by mixing sugar with olive oil. Apply it to a damp washcloth and rub it over the surface of the lips until they feel smooth. Once this is done, apply a moisturizer to upper and lower lips before applying matte lipstick.

Powder Helps to Make Makeup Last Longer

A layer of matte powder is the last thing that goes on before heading out the door. It’s the number one weapon against fading makeup. Keep it handy to eliminate any shine that develops during the day.

The Bottom Line?

To make makeup last longer. Exfoliation, the use of primers, and matte makeup all help to remedy the problem of fading makeup. Why not give them a try?

More on How to Make Makeup Last Longer and Getting a Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup – How to Apply Makeup for a Simple Look

Wearing a natural makeup look is a great way to wear basic but attractive makeup during the day, and a natural look can easily be amped up for a night on the town. A basic makeup look utilizes the natural beauty of skin without overwhelming it. Applying makeup for a simple, natural appearance is a trick that every woman should know for days when heavy makeup isn’t an option.

Healthy Skin – Beautiful Skin is Simple

Healthy skin is the most important part of any makeup regimen. Acne blemishes like pimples can be hard to cover, and make anyone feel self-conscious about her skin. Wash makeup off each night with a gentle makeup remover, and use a mild cleanser on your skin.

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Moisturize skin each day with an anti-aging cream. Using harsh face wash and other chemicals can prematurely age skin, but moisturizing will help keep skin firm and free of wrinkles.

Concealer and Foundation – Basic Makeup with Lotion

Before applying makeup, moisturize the skin with a tinted lotion. The slight tint will help even out skin tone and create an even palette for applying makeup, in addition to moisturizing the skin. Women with oily skin should only moisturize once a day to avoid extra production of oil.

Use a corrective concealer wand on pimples and blemishes. Dab a small amount of concealer on blemishes and blend it in with a fingertip to help it match the natural skin tone more evenly.

Oily Skin – Keep Skin Clear with a Powder Compact

Use a finely ground mineral powder to keep skin from becoming oily throughout the day. Apply the powder across the cheekbones, around the nose and along the forehead for the best coverage. Use powder lightly to prevent it from becoming streaked or thick looking.

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Fine facial powders are the best for women with oily skin, as they help keep the skin from looking oily throughout the day, and can be reapplied without looking heavy.

How to Apply Blush for a Natural Look

Choose two shades of blush in pink and peach colors. Gently brush the pink along the cheeks to create a natural blush, and apply the peach to the top of the cheekbones to keep skin looking healthy and youthful. Blush is a great way to add a small amount of natural color to your face without overwhelming the natural look.

Eye Makeup – Simple Eye Shadow

Choose an eye shadow that is slightly darker than the natural skin tone to use around the eyes. This will draw attention to the eyes without looking too dramatic or overdone for days when understated makeup is best. Sweep the eye shadow from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, and from the top lashes to the crease of the lid.

Mascara – Natural Looking Eye Makeup

A slightly darker eye shadow will help draw attention upward. Enhance this effect by curling the upper lashes and applying two coats of mascara to them. Women with blond lashes should use brown mascara, and women with dark eyelashes should use dark brown or black mascara.

Natural Looking Lipstick

A natural look is completed with an understated lip-gloss or lipstick. Choose a shade that is close to the natural lip color, and apply it with a fingertip. Start at the center of the lip and blend outward to the corners. This will keep the lipstick looking natural and understated.

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A natural makeup look is one of the simplest makeup styles available. It’s a great look for everyday work, a day at home or a casual get-together with friends. Using a basic makeup style is a beautiful but understated look that any woman can pull off successfully.

Easy Makeup Tips

It’s easy to look great for a night out, even after a stressful day at work. Whether applying makeup in a rush before heading out or taking the time to get each strand of hair in place, there are some easy tips to help ensure that it all looks professional and fresh. Makeup is one of the biggest worries for many women, and simplifying the process can ease a lot of stress.

What are the Basics of Makeup?

Makeup can’t do its job if it isn’t tailored to an individual woman. Ensure that the makeup used matches an individual skin tone and skin type. There are different types of foundation and concealer for dry to oily skin; using the right type of foundation or concealer can make all the difference.

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Additionally, purchase a set of basic mascaras, shades of blush and lipstick or lip gloss. Having a variable group of shades can help ensure that there are colors for any outfit. Purchase blush and lip shades that complement skin tone and eye color. For example, women with brown eyes should have shades of purple, green and blue.

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