Simple Makeup Tips for Skin: Brighten Up Your Skin

Simple Makeup Tips for Skin: Brighten Up Your Skin

After a long day at work, skin can be greasy, pale and washed out in appearance. There are a few simple Makeup Tips for Skin to brighten it up in a hurry, and ensure that it looks fresh, smooth and beautiful.

If there is time, wash all makeup off with a gentle cleanser. This will create a fresh palette for new makeup and remove dirt and oil from the workday. Apply makeup as usual.

If short on time, apply a lightly tinted moisturizer to the whole face. This will reduce oil and smooth the skin’s appearance. Add a pink shade of blush to brighten the face and call attention to cheekbones and eyes. Shades of pink look good on any skin tone.

Makeup Tips for Skin

How to Apply Eye Makeup

When preparing to go out for a date, a night on the town or simply to look fabulous, there are a few ways to freshen up eyes and make them stand out. Freshen mascara and add a new coat to make eyelashes pop.

Add a bold eye shadow for a night on the town. Bright colors that complement or coordinate with eye color and an outfit can make a big statement. For a more subtle appearance, use a neutral shade like a light brown or gold, both of which look good on any skin tone.

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Eyeliner can draw attention to the eyes. Draw a thin line from the inner corner of the upper lid to just past the edge of the eye for a dramatic look.

Lip Gloss and Lipstick Tips

When choosing a makeup look, only draw attention to one part of the face. If the eyes are going to be the focus of the night, choose a light, neutral shade of lip gloss or lipstick. Alternately, having a dramatic shade of lip color can make a very bold statement.

Choose a shade of red or pink that complements the outfit. Apply a thin line of lip liner around the edge of the mouth before putting on lipstick. Ensure that the lip liner is blended and matches the color of lipstick to avoid creating a cartoon appearance.

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When using lip gloss, choose a dark berry color or a shade of purplish red. This color will draw attention to the mouth, but lip gloss is still professional enough for the workday and sensational enough for date night.

How to Make Legs Look Great

After a long day at work, legs can be dry, red and itchy. Use a soothing lotion to give legs a healthy gleam and add moisture to the skin. A subtly shimmery lotion is a great option for wearing a skirt out on the town, as it brightens the skin further. Pairing a short skirt, high heels and lotion is an easy way to draw attention to legs.

For cooler nights, wear a pair of patterned tights. These range from lacy and sexy to childish and playful. Patterned tights are a great way to cover razor burn or dry skin and still be ready for a night out on the town.

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These are simple makeup tips for skin. In fact, makeup is a simple part of any wardrobe, and using a few basic tips will help keep the time spent on it low. Using basic colors and simple tactics can help any woman look her best in no time at all.

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