Melanin Skincare: Avya Skincare- for women of all skin tones!

Melanin Skincare: Avya Skincare- for women of all skin tones!

Melanin Skincare: Avya Skincare, the Ultimate Premium Skincare made for women of all skin tones!

Brand Spotlight: Avya

Most women aren’t aware that factors including heredity, poor circulation, thinning skin, broken capillaries, standard diet and sun damage all play a role in creating dark circles, puffiness or fine lines. With so many options to choose from in the beauty market, finding skincare products that work for my skin type, is no easy task. I have melanin skin that gets’ very oily. I also suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes. While many beauty brands treat part of the problem, Avya Skincare has a skincare line that has addressed all of my skin care issues.

Eye Wonder is Number One Top Seller

Eye Bright Cream is the number one top seller for company Avya Skincare and a must for me in the Avya product line. Avya Skincare was directed by plastic surgeon Dr. Tanuj Nakra, and manufactured by Global Beauty Science, in Austin, Texas. The collection of luxury-grade products shines a light on darker skin- an underappreciated and underserved skin type. The company strives itself on understanding the different needs each woman faces with skincare and makeup, with an emphasis on celebrating one’s natural beauty.

Reduce Dark Circles, Eye Puffiness and Eye Wrinkles

Dark circles, eye puffiness and eye wrinkles are the main concerns most women have when it comes to skincare. Avya Skincare eye cream, Eye Wonder is formulated with six active ingredients to target these concerns and more.

One factor that sets Eye Bright Cream apart from other eye creams is that many eye creams on the market only help with dark circles, but what if the primary cause is lack of nutrition or sun damage. Eye Wonder is formulated to help diminish dark circles no matter what the reason.

How to Use Under Eye Treatment, Eye Wonder

To use Eye Bright Cream apply the under eye treatment day and night for at least 14 days to see the difference. In the morning, gently tap the product under the eye area after applying moisturizer, before applying cosmetics. In the evening, apply to eye area after cleansing and moisturizing the face. After the 14 days, use once a day to maintain results.

Eye Wonder can also be used on other problem areas of the face to prevent wrinkles, discoloration, laugh lines and forehead creases.

Eye Bright Cream and other Avya products can be purchased online from Avya Cosmetics at Go to Avya Skincare for more information on what retail stores carry their products.  Eye Wonder can also be purchased online through Amazon.

Avya Skincare is not tested on animals. 

Smooth away skin with collagen enriched Avya Skincare products that refine and soften even the most problematic skin. Don’t forget that to make any skin treatment effective and lasting, you must begin skin care from inside out, by doing the following:

  1. A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, fat-free milk, whole-wheat bread and salmon for rosy, smooth, and younger skin provides moisture to the skin
  2. Drink plenty of water for a healthy skin tone and texture
  3. Exfoliate or scrub off dead skin cells regularly to promote skin renewal and smooth away wrinkles
  4. Follow a healthy exercise regime for a healthier, younger-looking skin
  5. Moisturize to prevent premature appearance of wrinkles
  6. Nurture skin with necessary nutrients, vitamins, and proteins.

AVYA Skincare: Premium Skin Care for All Skin Tones

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