Mineral Makeup Foundation: How to Apply it ?

Mineral Makeup Foundation: How to Apply it ?

As the list of unpronounceable ingredients on the packaging of drugstore makeup brands grows, many women are turning to natural mineral makeup foundation as an alternative. Mineral powder makeup has the benefit of providing good coverage for lines, wrinkles, scarring, and acne, all while having a light finish. In order to achieve this glowing look, minerals makeup is applied a bit differently than traditional concealers, foundations, and powders. The technique and tools are outlined below.

Apply Mineral Makeup Foundation

Choosing Mineral Makeup Foundation

A few brands of mineral makeup, such as Bare Minerals and Everyday Minerals, are starting to appear on drugstore shelves. More often, though, mineral makeup can be purchased online through product websites, etsy, ebay and cosmetic shops. Most mineral makeup brands offer trial kits with multiple foundation colors within the same shade range so that a new user can try a few before buying a full size.

When the trial kit arrives, apply a small amount of each color of mineral makeup foundation along the jawline. Wait a few minutes for the powder to settle in. Then, look in the mirror again: if one of the colors seems to have disappeared, it’s the perfect match for the skin’s tone. Once the right shade of mineral powder makeup has been chosen, it’s time to apply it for a beautiful finish.

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Makeup Primer

Before applying the makeup minerals, a makeup primer should be used on the face. Some mineral makeup companies offer a primer to work with their products; however, any facial moisturizer will work fine. The primer provides a base for the mineral powder makeup to stick to, and smooths out any rough spots, and a good moisturizer will do the same.

Kabuki Brush

For best results, use a kabuki brush to apply the natural mineral makeup. A kabuki brush has very full bristles; it’s similar to a blush brush, but the set of bristles is even fatter, and it has a very short handle. These brushes are great for mineral makeup foundation because they hold a lot of powder at once, and the deep set of bristles allows the powder to settle in, and not fall off the end of the brush as soon as it’s been picked up.

Applying Mineral Makeup Foundation

Make sure to apply mineral eyeshadow before doing the foundation so that any colored powder that falls on the cheeks can be wiped off before foundation is applied. Here are the steps to flawless mineral powder makeup application.

  1. Apply a thin layer of makeup primer.
  2. Tap a small amount of mineral powder makeup into the lid of its container. Press the kabuki brush into the powder, and then tap the handle on the side of the lid so any excess makeup falls back into it.
  3. Turn the kabuki brush upside down so the bristles are pointed up, and then tap the handle on a counter. The powder will settle down into the brush a bit.
  4. In a circular motion and with a light touch, smooth the kabuki brush along the face, distributing the powder. Repeat steps 2 – 4 a few times, until the whole face has been dusted with mineral makeup foundation.

Be careful not to use too much powder. A light dusting will provide coverage for almost any blemish; however, too much powder will settle into wrinkles and lines, making them look more prominent. Once the makeup has been applied, it will smooth into the skin, but this can take a few minutes. It’s best to apply natural mineral makeup sparingly, even if it doesn’t seem to be enough, and then wait a few minutes before applying more, if necessary.

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With the right tools and technique, a very light coat of mineral powder can provide as much, or more, coverage than a traditional liquid foundation.


How to Make Makeup Last Longer: The Fixable Problem of Fading Cosmetics

Fading makeup is a problem most women will deal with from time to time. Especially when it’s warm and humid outside and even the most expensive cosmetics do a disappearing act. Who has the time to keep reapplying them? Fortunately, there are some simple ways to make makeup last longer that won’t cost a great deal of time or money.

Fading Makeup: The Problem of Fading Foundation

The key to long lasting foundation is to start with a primer. Primers are a relatively new concept to the world of cosmetics. They prevent the problem of fading makeup by creating a barrier between skin and foundation. Giving the foundation something to “stick to”. They also add a little extra coverage to make skin look flawless.

A makeup primer is applied after moisturizing and before foundation. Another tip to make makeup last longer is to use a foundation with an ultra-matte finish. These foundations have a heavier consistency and will outlast any other – especially in warm and humid environments.


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