Do It Yourself Natural Beauty Recipes Fresh from the Kitchen!

Do It Yourself Natural Beauty Recipes Fresh from the Kitchen!

Natural Beauty Recipes Fresh from the Kitchen!

As humans, we tend to be creatures of the season; it is how many of us eat, how we play, vacation, it is how we live. Our beauty regimen is also seasonal, in the winter we use rich creams and balms, as spring peeks through, a good exfoliation is a must have to scrub away dead cells and expose a fresh new layer of supple healthy skin. Summer brings us yearning for light skin conditioners, facial masques and body sprays. The best part of seasonal beauty is that you can most likely take a stroll through your kitchen and garden to gather much of what you need for your own personal skincare natural beauty recipes.

Natural and Organic Skincare for Melanin skin

  • Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinse


1-2 tbs apple cider or white vinegar

2 sprigs rosemary

2 sprigs lavender

2 cups water


Add herbs and water to clear glass jar with tight fitting lid, steep outside in the sun for 2-4 hours or more, after steeping, remove herbs. Mix vinegar and herbal water together, shampoo hair, apply herbal vinegar solution, massage in gently, leave on for a bit. This will help to restore natural pH, rinse out build up/residue, and is a natural solution to control oily hair. You may notice a slight vinegar odor, which dissipates as your hair dries and shines.

Natural Beauty Skincare

  • Papaya Enzyme Facial Masque


1/2 cup mashed papaya fruit

1 tsp honey

1 egg white whipped

1 tbs plain yogurt (optional-cooling & soothing for extra sensitive skin)


Mix ingredients together, apply to clean skin, leave on for 5-8 minutes, and rinse with warm water, then cool water, pat skin dry. Papaya enzymes exfoliate skin when applied topically.


  • Strawberry Manicure Masque


3-5 very ripe mashed strawberries (strain juice)

1 tbs sugar

a touch of light oil-sunflower, canola, whatever you have on hand


Gently combine mashed strawberries and sugar, drizzle in oil and stir. Apply scrub to hands in a circular motion to smooth, exfoliate and condition skin, tissue off, rinse well, pat dry.


  • Herbal Bath Salts


1 handful assorted fresh dried herbs (spearmint, peppermint, lemon balm, lavender, rosemary or whatever you like)

1 cup sea salt


Add the salt to a large dish, use a coffee grind to finely grind the herbs and mix with the salt. Add the complete mixture to a tub full of warm water, relax and soak. *If using fresh herbs, coarse chop them and skim off water before draining the tub. A touch of oil may also be added to your salts.


  • Lavender Tangerine Body Mist


¾ ounce Jojoba Oil

3 ounces Vodka (organic grape or top shelf)

5 drops lavender essential oil

8 drops tangerine essential oil


Add ingredients to a 4 oz spray bottle, shake well before each use to condition and refresh skin.

oranges for natural beauty recipes

  • Hydrating Fruit & Floral Foot Soak


sliced citrus fruits (oranges, limes, lemons)

fresh flower petals (roses, marigolds, plumeria)

handful of sea salt


Fill a basin with warm water, add your chosen fruits, flowers and salt, soak for 10 minutes, rinse, and pat dry.


  • Watermelon & Almond Pedicure Polish


½ cup gently mashed strained watermelon

1 tbs finely crushed almonds

¼ cup plain or vanilla yogurt


Gently fold ingredients together just before using, apply the polish with your hands in a circular motion to smooth, exfoliate and condition skin, tissue off, rinse well, pat dry.


Every now and then it is nice to take some time and use what we have to make our own fresh beauty treatments, enjoy, have fun and be beautiful-inside and out! 


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