Shelf Life of Makeup: When Is Time To Be Out With The Old, And In With The New?

Shelf Life of Makeup: When Is Time To Be Out With The Old, And In With The New?

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NYX, my favorite affordable beauty brand,  sent me a box of their new releases to create a couple Instagram looks. To make room for my new products, I started tossing some of my old makeup products in the trash. Makeup is an essential part of my morning routine, but how can a make-up user, like myself, tell when it is time to ditch the current product and trade it in for something fresher? While some make-up needs to be replaced on a regular basis, most cosmetics have a longer shelf life, for up to two years or more. If you are going to wear makeup, it’s essential, that you be able to tell when it is time to be out with the old, and in with the new.

I created a quick Checklist guide for quick reference to spot when good make-up has gone bad.

Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation, the beginning step in a daily make-up routine, has a surprisingly long shelf-life. Liquid foundation is made with an oil base for more natural spreading and coverage. The shelf life of this type of cosmetic can run up to two full years. This can be beneficial for women who need to alter their shade for summer months when more color is present, and winter months, when the pigmentation has lessened (More of that here). A good indication of when it’s time to replace liquid foundation is when there is oil separation (Think of what oil and water looks like when mixed)

NYX Butter Gloss BLG05 Creme Brulee
NYX Butter Gloss BLG05 Creme Brulee


A great way to brighten up any face is by adding your favorite lipstick shade to your morning routine. Also an oil-based product, lipstick has a long shelf life as well, ranging from two to three years. When beads of oil begin to appear on the sides of the lipstick, it is time to be replaced.

Eye Shadow and Pressed Face Powder

With many hues of eyeshadow, usually, more than one shade is used at a time per application. Because people enjoy experimenting with various shades, many women own multiple colors of eyeshadow. The shelf life of eyeshadow can run between two and three years and begins to flake when it is time for a replacement.

Pressed face powder, used in addition to foundation or alone, has the same shelf life and replacement signals of eyeshadow.

NYX Makeup
NYX Love You So Mochi & Ultimate Finish Shadow Palette

Liquid Mascara and Eyeliner

Liquid mascara and eyeliner may not show visible signs of needing to be replaced. Users of these products must be careful, however, because it is easy for mascara and eyeliner to be contaminated by bacteria and fungi rather quickly. Both of these products should regularly be replaced, around every three months, and should not be shared due to the risk of cross-contamination.

Beauty may be only skin-deep, but cosmetics are a great way to perk up a tired or aging complexion. Using make-up for longer than it was intended can lead to eye infections or break-outs, two problems that no beauty queen wants to have to combat.

Always practice safe usage when it comes to cosmetics. Do not share makeup, apply makeup in a moving car, or expose cosmetics to sunlight, dirt or heat. If an odor develops, or if you are not sure how long you have had a product, please throw it away. Shelling out a couple of dollars on a new favorite always beats a doctor visit and follow-up treatment for an avoidable infection.

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