Summer Beauty Tips Made Easy: Simple Ways to Look Gorgeous All Summer Long

Summer Beauty Tips Made Easy: Simple Ways to Look Gorgeous All Summer Long

Summer Beauty Tips Made Easy: Simple Ways to Look Gorgeous All Summer Long

Here comes the sun, and with it say goodbye to dark eyeliner, brown eyeshadows and plum lips. Take out your ponytail, let your hair flow and use these tips in your summer beauty routine:

Summer Hair Styles

Getting summer-perfect hair is all about working with the scalp. Try a shampoo that consists of tea tree oil. In the world of natural health, tea tree oil is antibacterial properties that can fight dandruff. Not to mention, tea tree oil is pretty multi-talented — look for it in acne treatments to beat zits naturally.

Another way you can make your hair flawless this season is to simply repair it, try using moroccan oil in your hair products. Made with argan oil, moroccanoil is able to restore damaged hair by repairing split ends.

Make Up Under the Sun

Go bright with your cheek and lip hues. If you tend to avoid bright colours, now is the time to try them, just do so with a tighter formula.This strategy includes using a sheer cheek and lip stain and avoiding dark lipsticks.

We can’t forget about our eyes this summer either. The key to gorgeous summer eyes is to make them smokey rather than intense. The smokey and soft look can endure the summer heat better than dramatic, defined looks such as bright red lipstick with liner. For simple smokey eyes, use your fingers and blend waterproof cream shadow over your eyelids.

Feet First

As soon as it gets warm, all the ladies reach for their open-toe shoes! In order to make your feet super soft and beautiful, moisturize your feet after your bath or shower. Also, when you buy shoes, walk around the store for about 10 minutes before you buy them. This will give you a better indication of whether or not they’ll be worth the purchase.

Boost Your Confidence

Most of all, be beautiful from the inside-out — and think about doing this all year long, not just for the summer. Write down a list of all of your positive qualities, including your sense of humour, your talent for singing in the showers and your delicious recipe for apple pie. In the end, give yourself credit for everything you’ve done.

Also, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect person. Almost everyone feels insecure sometimes, but self-confident people don’t let those doubts control them. Move on — remember, you’re human and it’s okay to make mistakes.

Overall, summer time is all about experimenting with your look. Take care of your hair with tea tree oil, try new things with your make up, shop wisely for new shoes and boost your inner beauty.

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