Beauty: Summer Hair Care Hacks that Work!

Beauty: Summer Hair Care Hacks that Work!

There’s just something about Summer that I looove! Summer means lazing around, playing sports, or long hours at the beach with friends. For those of you that have been following my Instagram, you will see that I have been rocking my natural curls. This means switching to my Summer hair care routine.

Summer hair care is about keeping your hair hydrated, avoiding lengthy exposure to the sun, and avoiding styling products that are excessive. A lot of people tend to forget that it’s important to switch your Summer care regimen, to one that is fairly distinct from how you’d treat your hair in the wintertime. While Winters are notorious for drying out hair, Summers can also do that with the excessive heat and sun.


It’s of prime importance when going out that you use protection. If you’ve got long hair, this means keeping it covered, or wearing it in buns, ponytails, etc. to prevent exposing your hair fully to the sun. The hair can be shielded by wearing hats if you have short hair.

There are hair special protective sunscreens available on the market these days. These sunscreens should be applied 20-30 minutes prior to going out in sunlight and washed out later. A hair sunscreen is highly recommended, if you plan to spend long hours under direct sunlight, for example at the beach or playing sports.

On the subject of protection: if you’re using hats, make sure they fit and are washed periodically. Hats are the one garment that few people take the time to wash frequently, resulting in buildup of perspiration, dirt and grime. So remember to wash your hats often if you intend to wear them consistently.


One little of advice that is also appropriate in regards to summer hair care: drink LOTS of water. You can never go wrong with drinking extra water, so grab a glass or two whenever you can, Do not limit yourself to the 8 glasses a day usually advocated. Beverage 12, 16, 20, or even 40 glasses – extra water in your own body will never hurt you, especially during the Summers.

Also make sure that your hair gets its daily hydration- besides drinking loads of water. This implies using a high quality conditioner suited to your own hair type. Pick up a few sample packs and try them over the period of a month. Bear in mind that pricier doesn’t necessarily mean better. Conditioners that are more affordable might turn out to be much better than their expensive counterparts.

Additionally, it is an excellent idea to use a hair moisturizer frequently. Apply the moisturizer at night and wash it off each day. Make it a part of your day-to-day summer hair care regimen.

Remember to always use cold water to wash your hair. While we’re on the issue of hydration and hair care for summer. I understand it’s a foregone conclusion, but I feel the need to stress the importance of NOT using warm water for washing hair (as it strips the hair of moisture).

Summer Hair Care Tips

In case you are going out for a swim, make sure to always wear a cap. Always wash your hair after you’ve taken a swim. Avoid hair heating through flat irons or curling irons – it may lead to long term damage to your own hair.

Also avoid excessive styling products, especially the ones including paraffin and alcohol gel.Buy all-natural products that are organic instead. They may be somewhat more expensive, but provide returns that are considerably better in the form of healthier hair.

Hair care for the summer basically entails keeping the hair shielded in the harsh sunlight, and keeping it moisturized and hydrated. Follow the above suggestions, and you are going to have stunning, glossy hair which is the envy of everybody!

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