The Benefits of Coconut Oil

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Face and Body Moisturizer: It can be used as a face and body moisturizer. You will immediately notice the difference of smoothness within a weeks time. It also helps remove dead skin cells. You can also add essential oils along with it for the smell. Coconut oil can be used for your entire face giving it a natural glow. It’s also a great remedy for dry hands.

Make up Remover: I swear by this trick and this really works. Stubborn Make up is easily removed by coconut oil. Its great for removing waterproof mascara as well. Massage a little coconut oil onto your face. Use a lukewarm washcloth or wash off with water.

Hair Mask: It helps strengthen hair helping along its luscious growth. It gives it shine along with a smooth silky feeling. A lot of natural hair treatments include using coconut oil. My personal favorite is Coconut Oil mixed with honey applied to the hair for about 15-20 minutes.

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