Have you ever had a picture so clear of who you are and ignored it? Maybe you ignored it because it required risk. Perhaps you were too scared to pursue it or afraid of what other people would think if you went after it. And so you rationalized this crazy thought in your head that “it wasn’t the right time.” Maybe you convinced yourself to “be more sensible, more responsible, more practical” with what your dreams “should” look like.

Have you ever looked at the life of someone else, maybe on social media and secretly wished your experience was similar to theirs?

I still struggle with these feelings of uncertainty. Sometimes it leaves me depressed, angry, and with feelings of worthlessness. I am still learning to take responsibility for my life and what I want it to look like. I am still learning to dance with the demons that haunt me. In my everyday struggles, I have discovered my blueprint-making the best with what I have and reconditioning my mind, that holds the political and social lies of my youth.

I found myself healing my mind, my digestive system, my relationship with people, but more importantly my relationship with myself. Through my blueprint, I began to understand the power of conditioning and the higher power of reconditioning. Reconditioning the expectations of life and reconditioning the expectations I have for myself. I know that reconditioning your mind and body can be hard, and that is why I started my blog and the Reconditioning Project because I do believe that we can all have a life that makes us happy, on our terms, step by step.


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