Personal Style Dating: Online or Offline (Find The Best Method)

Personal Style Dating: Online or Offline (Find The Best Method)

Nowadays, there are two major options when it comes to dating styles. Whether your personal style of dating is using online websites or dating the old-fashioned way- picking your partner through real-life events, everyone wants to know which method is best to help them find their better half? It’s the search for that perfect person that drives us to go through all sorts of avenues. If you’re a science-loving person, who likes to go with whatever science can prove, then I’m sorry to say that online dating is no better than offline dating. If you’re a practical person, it would depend on what you’re looking for in a partner that will determine which method would get you best results.

Online Dating
Online dating has been around for a while now. There have been many sites, like Tinder, Bumble, and Match that have all sorts of handy dandy features. One of the most recognized features that people are really paying attention to is their online dating algorithms. There are websites that claim that their unique matchmaking algorithm can help you find that perfect match. The good news for these websites is that there are people that actually buy into their claims.

Unfortunately, according to an article by Paul Eastwick, Benjamin Karney, and Harry Reis in the journal Psychological Science, Online matching making is not better than trying your luck offline. According to this article, there are two major features that are being used for matchmaking. The first feature is the profile matching, Users create accounts and then do their best to make their profiles as appealing as possible. Online seekers then go through them, trying to decide whether they would make a good match with them. The problem with this is that people can’t accurately decide, with the little information available online, if the profile they are looking at is a good match or not. Then there are online sites that state that it’s best to find people with similar interests while others state that opposites attract. But which one is it? There are so many contradictions, that a normal person is left to believe whatever is thrown at them by these websites.

Offline Dating
We also have people opting for the offline dating method. Not all is great with this method either. People get help from their friends for blind dates, only to find out that it was truly a blind setup for disaster. This method of dating can prove to be a good decision for people with an extrovert personality, but for the introverts, it’s a mountain trying to find a date this way. But finding a date offline does not automatically mean you’ve found the love of your life. It just means you found a candidate and now it’s time to see if that candidate will stand the test of time. At the end, it’s the test of time that will determine if that relationship was a success or not.

Final verdict (Online or Offline)
Well, which one is it? At the end, it is both and neither one. If you think about for a second, does it matter to you which one it is as long as you find that perfect lifelong partner you’ve always been looking for? The best approach to take for dating is to first determine who you are and what you really want. Are you looking for a short-term relationship or a lifelong romance? It would make more sense to try online dating if you’re looking for a short-term relationship. You would not want to date someone from work or through your social network, knowing that you will run into them daily, if you’re only going to date them for a short-term. While this is true for short-term relationships, it’s more advisable to date someone you can meet in person, if you’re looking for a lifelong love.

No matter how advanced the internet gets, it can never compare to reality. It’s the reality that brings forth what person are. If you’re wanting a long-term relationship and you have not tried to meet people outside of the internet, whether it’s from referrals or work type events, then you’re heading in the wrong direction. If you’re only trying your luck online, then you’re relying solely on the profile of someone that most often times is not real.

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