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I am a tall girl, I have long arms, and a very long torso, so it’s hard for me to find clothing that fits my body type. The majority of my clothes, especially my pants, require tailoring. Sometimes I do it myself and other times I take it to my tailor in Koreatown. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was when I came across eShakit , an online clothing store. They have removed the need for tailoring by allowing you to customize clothing from their collection to fit your style and body type. I had a lot of fun customizing this dress in particular. It was something different from what I would normally wear. I chose the royal green elephant print for good luck. I decided on a mid ‘v’ cut because it’s chest friendly. I chose a knee length hemline and short sleeves because I wanted it to stay classy. I love the regal feel of this dress.

eShakti Dress sold here

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