My Online Dating Confessions (Why I Hate It)

My Online Dating Confessions (Why I Hate It)

I never liked online dating for one reason. The reason is that people lie about who they really are. They lie about their age, marital status, location and more. I signed up for a few websites some years ago because I thought that it may open up more possibilities for me to meet someone. I had a couple of friends who met online also, so I thought I would give it a try. To this day, I do not trust online dating websites because I have seen firsthand how people lie.

First of all, free websites are a waste of time. Anyone can just create an account for free and make up a profile full of lies. I use to belong to a couple of free sites and the emails that I received sometimes were  a joke. Even with a couple of paid reputable sites, I have had men send me fake pictures of them and they have lied about who they really are. I will never understand why anyone would pay a monthly fee just to make up things about themselves. If they get reported, they will be removed permanently from the system without a refund.

I have had men send me pictures of models and famous actors. Another guy wrote to me two years ago and his name was Michael. When he wrote to me again a few months later, his name was Jim. He had also lied about his marital status and his location. Another man lied to me and said that his girlfriend had died in a car accident with his sister. Some people just get a kick out of fooling others. I did believe this man for a few days until I realized his profile was really a hoax. Someone later reported him and he was removed from the system.

Out of all the dating websites, Eharmony seems to be the most reputable. They are the most expensive, so you don’t have people paying that high monthly fee just to create a profile that is fake.

Some people may be fortunate to meet an honest person online. For many others, online dating is not the answer for them. There are thousands of people who belong to these sites but never meet or they may eventually meet another way. Unfortunately, we live in a very dishonest world and anyone can just make up things about themselves on a computer.

People really need to be careful when using online dating websites. Don’t be too quick to meet a person. I would talk to someone for a while on email and get to know them online. After maybe a few months, I would meet them in a public place and I would get there myself and get home myself. I would never go in the car alone with someone that I met online. It may not even be a bad idea to take someone with you for the first time until you get to know someone. Ladies, be wise and protect your selves in this dangerous, crazy world that we live in. If you are going to get involved with online dating, please take precautions.

I hope my experiences help you. Needless to say, I don’t do online anymore:)

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