Running Shoes For Your Foot Type & Why Ugly Footwear Is Best

Running Shoes For Your Foot Type & Why Ugly Footwear Is Best

Running Shoes For Your Foot Type

Living in Los Angeles, it’s hard not to enjoy walking, running, and hiking. The outdoors is such an essential part of the City. It’s crucial that when enjoying that lifestyle, I wear the proper shoes. Insoles and shock absorbers are all things that I consider when choosing the perfect shoe. After all, there are over one 100 bones in our feet. That is a lot of bones to be worried about on a daily basis. It’s been proven that back pain usually comes from foot and leg pain, attributed to poorly fitting shoes that make us suffer at every point in our body.

Athletic Apparel and running shoe advertisements are all over commercials, magazines, and newspapers. These ads claim that their running shoes can help prevent injury and improve performance, but which one is right for us?


The difference between running and walking shoes is flexibility. The difference is where the body bends to perform each movement. The knees buckle more than the foot and ankle during running. The bend is at the ankle and foot during walking. Therefore, walking shoes are intended to bend more than running shoes. So for people with no interest in running, walking shoes are fine.

Running shoes are the best bet for anyone who intends to make the jump from walking to running. Running shoes are sturdier because running causes almost 5 times more impact on the knees than walking. Remember – you can walk in running shoes, but you can’t run in walking shoes.

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New Balance Sneakers and Power Up energy snacks.


Deeper grooves in the “grid” characterize trail running shoes. While street running shoes are rather smooth on the bottom, trail running shoes are more jagged for traction over the slippery or rough terrain.

Some trail running shoes are built for running over actual grass or sod tracks. The negative for these shoes is that they often do not have the cushion for running over rocky terrain. The positive is that these are great for races.

Other trail running shoes are built for running over rocky terrain. They may be uncomfortable while running over grass because of their tough nature. However, they will have good traction.

Tell the person at the shoe store if you plan on running over rocks or grass. That should help them direct you to the proper shoe.


The insole and shape of shoes are designed on what shoe companies call a “last.” Lasts are designed to fit the shape of someone’s foot. As one can imagine, women’s feet are built differently than men. Women typically have a wide forefoot and narrow heel. Personally, I like Saucony’s  running shoes. I have narrow feet and have found that their (last) is designed specifically with that in mind.

I have friends (all women) that have to be “in love” with the shoes they buy. The problem is – quality women’s running shoes are often “not cute.” While Nike running shoes may not have the most quality, they are “cute.” (For the record, I have never worn Nike sneakers to go running).

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I don’t know of a company that has designed an entire shoe line specifically for men. Don’t fret – there are plenty of options out there for guys.

Heavier people may want to invest in a pair of New Balance 1080v7 running shoes. They may not be pretty, but these shoes are sturdy and motion-controlled with plenty of cushions. New Balance running shoes are also unique because they provide different widths.

Mizuno running shoes are ultra-light. Mizuno running shoes are great for speed. They also make shoes for those who need motion control or extra support.


Adidas, Brooks, Nike, New Balance, Saucony, Mizuno and more athletic apparel companies sell running shoes. It’s hard to look at a wall of shoes, to find the one that’s right for you. So much comes into play when determining the proper shoe-like size, arch, physical goals, individual needs, etc.

Running shoes cost way too much to buy, so don’t let someone sell you shoes that will leave you in pain or compromise your health. You are more important than that.


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