Why You Should Ditch Your Pants And Get (Pretty Woman) Thigh High Boots

Why You Should Ditch Your Pants And Get (Pretty Woman) Thigh High Boots

“Pants are so last year.” If you want something funkier, fancier, trendier, and chicer to dress up your wardrobe, the over-the-knee boot is the style of the moment to snatch up. If you have been following the Street Style and Runways of New York Fashion Week, you’ve probably noticed your favorite influencers and designers turning out their fanciest frocks by accessorizing them with none other than tall boots.

Here are 7 reasons to love the thigh-high or over-the-knee boot, no matter your shape, height, weight, or fashion fears.

  • Extended Summer. Thigh-high boots are meant to be seen and flaunted. That means you can still sport your short-short dresses, mini-skirts, and shorts all through fall and winter to make room for the inches and inches of the boot. Who doesn’t love a boot that gives you a fabulous excuse to keep your favorite spring and summer outfits at the front of your closet?
  1. Fashion Camouflage. Have a love-hate relationship with your knees, thighs, ankles, or calves? Invest in a pair of over-the-knee boots, and you can hide any flaws you may think you have. Thigh high boots are both super-chic, no matter the option you choose.
  2. Corner Chic. My favorite movie EVER is Pretty Women. Likewise, my favorite actress is Julia Roberts. Who can forget the iconic scene when Julia first appears in those thigh high black boots? Thigh high boots let you dress up like Julia without being accused of looking like a prostitute. The umpteen textures, colors, and heel heights available from this season’s savvy designers give a wide variety of boots to test out. So you can go for super-sexy, shiny, black leather or down-to-earth, Mother Nature brown… whatever satisfies your daring inner fashion diva.
  3. Options, Options, Options. Comfort is key no matter the fashion trend – and it’s crucial to wear what makes you feel good. So you can go with the truly thigh-high boots that make you look like you’re wearing suede pants from toe to hip or you can select the slightly more demure just-over-the-knee boots that still gain style points but require a little less nerve. From flats to chunky heels to five-inch stilettos, latch onto the style that you know you’ll wear most often.
  4. Breathe Easy. Tights and pantyhose are not required for this fall fashion trend. Buy boots that are high enough and skirts that are low enough to blend and you can strut around in your thigh-skimmers with your favorite striped socks underneath. No uncomfortable nylon or spandex in sight..
  5. Slim and Slenderize. Talk about streamlining your look. Nothing makes you look longer and leaner than a head-to-toe look, and with half of your body covered by a pair of sizzling tall boots, you’re only one boyfriend blazer and multi-chain necklace away from a complete ensemble.
  6. Matchy, Matchy. Thigh-high boots go with practically everything, especially all the classic fall trends, and the trendier ones like leather shorts and miniskirts. Try on a daring color choice, like purple or robin’s egg blue, or go the “safer” route with black, grey, or brown.

thigh high boots

Footwear this fall is fierce, and your wardrobe should reflect your style whether you go short or long when it comes to boots. Personally, I know I’ve made the right fashion choice when my strut is accompanied by a little tune in the back of my mind… “These boots were made for walking…”





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