Autumn Personal Style: 10 Things Every Fashionista Needs This Fall

Autumn Personal Style: 10 Things Every Fashionista Needs This Fall

Women need essential things in their wardrobe to revamp their Autumn Personal Style. Once they have those items, they can mix and match to create an amazing autumn clothing collection.

Outerwear for Fall: Jacket, colorful blazer, and trench coat.

When the chill of fall starts to creep up, women need a jacket they can wear that’s neutral and doesn’t compromise their personal style. Try a khaki trench or raincoat that is light enough for a fall day but warm enough for a crisp night. Also, purchase a colored blazer to add to work and weekend outfits. Make any outfit more fun by adding an orange, burgundy, or red corduroy or velvet blazer. These two items- a trench coat and colorful blazer, are must-haves for a fall wardrobe.

Autumn Accessories: Colored scarf, leather handbag, and necklace.

Ladies can play up any outfit if they have the right accessories. For the fall, you’ll need an autumn colored scarf to add to any outfit at night and on cold days. Think about an olive green, chocolate brown, or burnt orange scarf. Women should choose one that will match a few outfits that they already own. Another accessory that every woman needs for fall is a beautiful handbag. One of the top trends is patent leather. Women can find patent leather handbags at inexpensive prices at stores like Target and TJ Maxx. The best part about a patent leather handbag is that it can be carried in the fall, winter, and spring.

The last accessory that a woman needs for her fall wardrobe is a long, chunky necklace that can be worn with a white collared shirt at work, with a turtleneck when meeting up with friends for coffee, or with a little black dress for a date. These three accessories will liven up any fall wardrobe.

Three Must-Have Clothing Pieces: Jeans, sweater dress, and button-down sweater.

The next three pieces that every woman needs to have in her updated autumn wardrobe are clothing items. The first is the perfect pair of jeans. If a woman doesn’t own a pair of jeans that she feels amazing in, she needs to purchase this item ASAP. It’s necessary to have a pair of jeans that look great on her current body. Not the body that she wishes she had.

Another piece that’s a must-have is a sweater dress. Women can pair this with different colored leggings and boots or flats to make the outfit different each time she wears it. Get this in a color that can be paired with many other colors such as black, gray, or brown.

The third piece of clothing that will brighten up any woman’s fall wardrobe is an autumn colored button-down sweater. This sweater can be dark purple, burgundy, olive, or chocolate brown. It can be simple, have ruffles, or have jeweled buttons. Women can wear this over a button down collared shirt to work or over a sexy top on a date when it’s chilly.

Women’s Footwear for Fall: Flats and knee-high boots.
Once a woman has her clothing, outerwear, and accessories, she needs to finish her outfit with a great pair of shoes. The first need to have a pair of shoes in a woman’s fall wardrobe is a colorful pair of flats. A woman can pair purple, green, orange, or red flats with black pants for work, jeans on the weekend and a sweater dress for brunch.

The second pair of footwear that women need in their fall closets is a pair of knee high boots in black or brown. She can wear these with a knee length skirt to work, with a sweater dress for the perfect date outfit, or with jeans on the weekend.

A woman can update her fall wardrobe by adding these ten items to her personal style. This will help her coordinate work, fun, and date outfits for the entire autumn season.

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