Clothing Boutiques: The World’s 8 Best Boutiques (Hint One Is In Idaho)

Clothing Boutiques: The World’s 8 Best Boutiques (Hint One Is In Idaho)

Clothing Boutiique

The term “boutique” is the French word for “shop”. In the late 1960s clothing boutiques were used as an everyday English word to refer to small stores. However, as time passed, the use of this word changed and nowadays it is used to refer to a shopping outlet which specializes mainly in elite and luxury fashionable items.

If you want to shake up your personal style and discover new perspectives you should try entering a clothing boutique. Today we present you a tour of  8 of the world’s best clothing boutiques.

1. Cheekys – New Plymouth, Idaho

Cheekys is a quite familiar name for the Western fashion fans. This store is based in the small town of New Plymouth in Idaho. Its owner Jessie Roberts started this boutique 6 years ago with the aim of bringing some fun into her community’s fashion sense, but now it’s developing fashion all over the world. Cheekys is known for its awesome accessories, colorful caps, and graphic tees. This boutique is for the women who want a cheeky look while staying in their comfort zone.

2. Kaley Jase Boutique – Windsor, North Carolina

This is an award-winning boutique named after its owner Kaley Jase. This boutique is the outcome of her dream of owning her own business. If you love a flirty, cute and feminine style this boutique is worth a try for you. With its adorable store in Windsor, NC Kaley Jase also owns an easy-to-use online website.

3. Beautique – Brandon, South Dakota

This was started as an online-only boutique by Amanda Christopherson after she wanted to leave her job in order to spend more time with her newly-adopted son. However, her attempt to achieve freedom of staying with her son resulted in a venture which provided the women in her small town of Brandon, WD with an opportunity to look beautiful. After three years since she started her website she now owns a 4000 square foot store and plans to get a warehouse in 2018.

4. Barking Brown – Clinton Hill

The vintage brick-walled design, slow pop music, and the beautiful wood decoration add to the vibe of this Clinton Hill clothing boutique. The boutique’s famous BP collection flares Five Crown taco tops, stonewashed skirts. The large-framed AJ Morgan orange shades and the Freeway’s southwestern inspired poncho tops are its other enviable items.

5. Frankie – Lower East side

Frankie is more like a full-grown and ultra-chic version of the Pixie market. This clothing boutique is for the career-minded woman and if you want something new, stylish, and trendy for your office, Frankie should not be skipped. It’s a mine of sophisticated items like alpaca boyfriend coats, cocoon tops and more from the famous international labels.

6. Fanaberie – Greenpoint, and Williamsburg

This whimsical boutique opened in Greenpoint three years ago and landed with a second shop in Williamsburg after its fabulous success. At Fanaberie, there’s no shortage of flirty items and it’s best for the fashion-forward woman. Its vintage furniture and exposed walls make the store as sexy as its items. You’ll love putting on its embroidered miniskirts, Ryu Lace overlays and the slim-fit Nine Planet pants.

7. L’Eclarieur

One of Armana Hadida’s Antwerp Six, L’Eclarieur is like a beautiful piece of art with its cascading wood-planked design and it stocks both menswear and womenswear. Here you’ll find Fornasetti design objects and several limited editions from the big labels like Balenciaga, Golden Goose, and Rick Owens.

8. Editions MR – St. Germain

Owned by two men, Editions is refreshing the art of classic tailoring. It has gained quite a lot of reputation because of the variety it provides and its quality fabric. Editions’ products range from a wide range of knitwear, fine cotton shirts, blazers and pure wool jackets.




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