Create New Looks From What You Already Have

Create New Looks From What You Already Have

While the recent downfall of the economy has put less money in our pockets it has not decreased our desire to look and feel beautiful. Here are some tips on how to reinvent your wardrobe and create new looks with what you already have!

How To Create New Looks ?

Get Re-Familiar with the Clothes you Have:

Spend a quiet hour or two going through your closet and re-familiarizing yourself with what you have. Remember, this is your “shopping” time so have fun trying everything on again, including accessories. You will invariably find things you forgot you had and maybe some pieces you’ve rarely worn.

Be Creative to Create New Looks

Mix pieces you would not normally put together to see if you can create new looks that work. Use accessories such as scarves and jewelry to add to outfits you normally wear. Even a statement necklace can change the whole look of an outfit. As you go along fix your hair in different styles to change your look.

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Mix Suits:

There are dozens of ways you can mix your suit’s jackets and bottoms with other items in your closet. For example, try matching a suit jacket with a nice pair of jeans. The jacket will give you a more tailored and sophisticated look while the jeans will keep you casual chic. Likewise your suit’s skirts and pants can be mixed with sweaters and other tops for a variety of looks.

Get Photo Friendly:

Have someone take pictures of you in the new looks you’ve created so you can keep track of your “new” outfits.

Have Fun with Accessories:

Grab your favorite accessories and try making outfits centered around those items. For example, choose a large piece of costume jewelry such as chandelier earrings, or a large statement necklace and then match the jewelry with other clothes you have in your closet. Choose colors that make your jewelry stand out. You can brighten up a dull jacket or sweater with a colorful scarf.

Embrace Layering:

A fun way to create new outfits is to layer different camis and tops under your cardigans. You can also layer long sleeved shirts over short sleeved shirts for cold weather. Jewelry is also fun to layer. You can wear short and long necklaces that go together.

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After you have sorted through your clothes wash and press them so they feel new. When you are all done you will feel much richer than you did before and you will have a greater appreciation for what you have!

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