The Art of Day-To-Night Transformation

The Art of Day-To-Night Transformation


Whatever your Life and Style is, whether you’day to night can feel like a daunting task. Overtime I have taken notes from top blogger sites and wondered how some of the top bloggers have been able to go effortlessly from daytime meetings to lifestyle events. After some time I have managed to crack the code.

Thankfully, changing up your work wardrobe to fit the lifestyle scene at Happy Hour only requires a few key pieces. From throwing on a bold statement necklace to slipping into a perfectly tailored blazer, I’ll show you 5 ways to instantly take your outfit from day to night!

1. Black Blazer
Nothing dresses up a daytime outfit more than a black blazer. Chic, in style, and timeless in design, black blazers exude sophistication and help you achieve that “I’m-polished-and-put-together-even-though-I-just-worked-a-9-hour-shift” look. The elegant black blazer is the perfect day-to-night piece, as it features a cropped back and a tailored fit. The ideal balance between femininity and sophistication, the blazer is a true winner!

2. Statement Jewelry
Amp up a basic look of jeans and a white tee by adding a piece of statement jewelry. Whether it’s stacked bangles or a chunky ring, statement jewelry adds a new layer of style to any daytime ensemble. My favorite route to take when it comes to statement pieces? Necklaces! Pair it with cuffed up skinny jeans and a red lip and you’ve got a completely different look.

3. Heels
Looking to score some major points with that hunk at the bar? Ditch the work-appropriate flats and opt for a pair of leg-elongating heels, like a pair of strappy, sexy sandals. Featuring an ankle strap (which makes your legs appear runway-ready) and the perfect heel height, these beauties instantly take your outfit from daytime cuteness to nighttime sexiness. Even if your outfit of the day consists of a floral-printed dress and cardigan, heels will, without a doubt, sexify your outfit.

4. Sparkly Clutch
When in doubt, go for sparkle. Whether you’re going to a formal event straight from work or your friends decided on an impromptu girl’s night out, you can never go wrong Changing up your heavy satchel with a sparkly clutch. The rhinestone clutch simply screams nighttime attire, as it features the perfect amount of space for your cell phone, credit card, and everything in between!

5. Graphic Mini Skirt
Kick your daytime ensemble up a notch with the eye-catching graphical mini skirt. Whether your afternoon ensemble entails a collared button-down or a simple white tee, slipping into a graphic mini skirt will instantly make your outfit nighttime appropriate. The geometric Mini Skirt is the perfect option, as its striking design grabs attention while its bold color works perfectly for nighttime soirees, from sipping on cocktails at the bar to hitting up the town’s local hot spots. Perfect for donning if you’re going from work to party, this fun, playful skirt will add a glamorous touch to a basic daytime ensemble. Pair it with some heels and an up do and you’re ready to dance the night away!

While some fashionista’s are forced to deal with transforming a daytime outfit into a night-appropriate ensemble, the styling task isn’t as challenging as it may seem. From switching up your flats with some sexy heels to throwing on a chic black blazer, follow my tips and you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of day-to-night transformation.

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