Women’s Guide to Dressing Styles for Dinner Dates

Women’s Guide to Dressing Styles for Dinner Dates

A Women’s Guide to Dressing Styles for Dinner Dates


Determining a dressing style for a dinner date can be a daunting task. There are so many dressing styles for women to wear and you should keep this in mind when you’re going out on a dinner date. The dress code for women varies. It all depends as to what kind of season it is and what sort of date you’re going on. This is all of the more reason on why you need to figure out what you’re going to wear before you go out on that special dinner date.

Find out the Dress Code

If you know the restaurant that you’re going to, try and call them ahead of time. See if they have a dress code or rules in regards to what you can wear. If you’re unsure about calling, you can always drive by the restaurant to catch a quick glance.

Long Gowns vs. Cocktail

If the restaurant is having a “black tie” event then you’ll need to dress formally. Often time’s women wear long formal gowns. What kind of dressing style looks best on you? Maybe it’s the cocktail dress or the long gown that flatters your body type.

The good news is that women seem to have more choices when it comes to a black-tie wear. Between picking out a very nice dress, women also have the choice of styling their outfit around their accessories. One more tip, consider getting your hair professionally done before the dinner date. Sometimes it makes all the difference.

Business Casual Dinner Date Wear

Keep in mind that if it’s a business casual dinner date, then the dress style will be different. You can wear clothes that tend to be more conservative instead of the black-tie clothes. Business casual clothes can be very comfortable. This attire would include pants, skirts or even business suits. Think about what’s best for the office business environment and what you might wear and match it with the date.

California Casual 

When someone says they want to go California Casual, they usually mean a fun and simple dressing style. You can wear anything from shorts to sandals to flowy strapless dresses with sandals. California casual is all about appearing effortless but chic. This look is very popular in the summer time.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

When choosing a dressing style, never forget about your budget when you’re getting ready for a dinner date. Before you know it, you can find yourself spending lots of money on your gown or business suit. You’ll need to reserve some money for the dinner date itself unless you know for sure that someone else is paying. It’s always a good idea to make sure that you reserve money for back-up just in case something happens.

The most important thing to remember is that you should have fun regardless of the event or the dressing style. Relax knowing that you look fantastic wherever you might go!


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