Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe: Get a Minimalist Wardrobe in 5 Easy Steps!

Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe: Get a Minimalist Wardrobe in 5 Easy Steps!

Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

Minimalism is the formalized concept of simple living based on the truth – “There is more joy in owning less.” Minimalism teaches you to survive only with the things that you value the most. It forces you to discover what’s essential for you and your family and encourages you to shed the things that are not. Minimalism is a lifestyle that includes your wardrobe- eliminating the need for a lot of clothes. More people are starting to accept the concept of having a ‘Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe’.

A minimalist wardrobe streamlines your wardrobe with only the clothes you actually will wear. A smaller wardrobe saves you time, space and money. It forces you to shop differently and invest only in pieces you love. Here are 5 easy steps to creating a minimalist capsule wardrobe!

minimalist capsule wardrobe.

  1. Define your Personal Style

Downsize your wardrobe, and get specific on what your personal style is.Your minimalist capsule wardrobe should only contain pieces you love to wear. To define your style, you’ll first need to understand what kind of person you are and the types of clothes that suit your age and lifestyle. You’ll need to understand what you prefer –a colorful look or a clean one, the trendy fashion pieces or the ones that are comfortable. Take inspiration from style celebs whose style you admire. Research them for inspiration, while defining your own personal style. If you still face some difficulties try getting style tips from your fashionista friends.

2. Keep, Trash, Donate and Sell  

The most difficult obstacle in creating a minimalist capsule wardrobe is removing pieces from your closet. Parting from your clothes takes a lot of courage. It’s really the most difficult part of the mission on your journey to a minimalist wardrobe. Go through every item in your closet. The general rule is that if you have not won it in 3 months, it gets tossed. Once you’re done preparing your keep-it-list, start removing the rest, out of your wardrobe. Out of those that you remove, go through them. The ones that are in poor condition should be put in a garbage bag. The remaining clothes can be sold for some cash. However, if you’ve got a big heart you can always donate them to the needy.

minimalist capsule wardrobe

3. Get the Basics

An ideal minimalist wardrobe should look re-arranged, sorted, clean and maintained. Limit your wardrobe to specific colors. This will make pairing up the contents much easier and it will eliminate the time it takes for you to dress up. Are you worried about the people around you noticing that you’re wearing the same clothes again and again? Don’t panic, there’s a solution for that too.  Rotate your outfits every week. If you wear a yellow t-shirt with blue jeans on this week’s Monday, then pair your yellow t-shirt with your red mini-skirt on next Wednesday.

4. Quality over Quantity

To create an ideal minimalist wardrobe, it’s necessary to shift your focus from quantity to quality. As with a minimalist wardrobe, you’ll be shopping less. A good idea is to spend more on the pieces you’ll wear frequently. You’ll be washing your clothes more often, so it’s important for them to be good quality-poor quality clothes come apart faster with the continuous wash.

5. Shop Smarter

Get smarter with shopping. Do research and reading reviews (if you’re shopping online) will get the best purchase and save you money. Don’t aim for a brand, aim for quality. It doesn’t matter what logo your dress bears, as long as it is quality material and looks great on you.

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