Personal Style: 3 Clothing Subscription Services For Men (Guys Can Now Shop In Their Underwear)

Personal Style: 3 Clothing Subscription Services For Men (Guys Can Now Shop In Their Underwear)

Clothing Subscription Services

Generally speaking, guys hate shopping. Of course, there are exceptions such as lining up for the latest iPhone or plasma TV. But clothes? No Way.Thankfully, there are a great number of online clothing subscription services for men that will gladly do the work for them. A clothing subscription service, serves as an online fashion stylist. It recommends styles, ships clothing and even accessories right to your front door or office! Most services come with free shipping & returns. This means guys can now shop– from the comfort of their own homes, wearing only their underwear.       Clothing Subscription ServicesIf you have more than a passing interest in men’s fashion, here are the top 3 websites for men’s clothing subscription services.


Despite only launching, the company’s dedicated men’s clothing service a year ago, Stitch Fix has managed to grow as a company. It employs thousands of expert stylists based all over the country.

Stitch Fix only charges $20 for their styling fee. It asks you to answer a couple of questions online, in order for their “Fixers” to understand your personal taste, size, and budget.

After this, the stylist that is assigned to assist you will package up to 5 pieces of clothing with instructions on how you can wear them. There will also be styling cards that have illustrations in them for inspiration. Also, just like any other subscription service, you won’t be pressured into keeping them and can cancel anytime.

Stitch Fix Cost- $20 styling fee that goes towards your purchase. If you don’t like the pieces, you can send them back in 3 days, but you forfeit the $20 styling fee. Average costs are $50 per item.

Clothing Subscription Services


If you consider yourself to be a hands-on shopper because you want to experience the fashion buying experience- like window shopping, a Chicago-based clothing subscription service, is for you.

Aside from offering their service online, you can also go to one of the company’s “Club Houses.” If that’s a hassle for you, then just opt for the online service because they have stylists available around the clock who will help you via email, phone, or the messenger app of Trunk Club.

Scattered across Dallas, Charleston, Chicago, Boston, New York, LA, and Washington DC, the super-sleek styling lounges of Trunk Club comes complete with real-life stylists. What’s more, the company’s styling lounges include well-stocked bars, Chesterton sofas, as well as dark, luxurious wooden floors.

Trunk Club Cost- Each trunk has a $25 stylist fee, but it’s credited toward final purchase. Shipping and returns are free. Wardrobe staples like t-shirts, jeans, and button-ups tops range from $25-$300. Jackets, shoes, and other office attire essentials start around $200.

Clothing Subscription ServicesClothing Subscription Services


Born in 2013 from the idea that men do NOT enjoy shopping, The Chapar employs personal stylists that take the sting out of shopping.

Once you’ve filled out your profile that will determine important things such as your favorite brand, the fit of your favorite jeans, and favorite tailored cut to fit your body type. A stylist will then call you just to talk about things such as your personal style.

Once the stylist has determined a feel for your unique style, a box of clothing pieces will be sent to your workplace or doorstep. With The Chapar, you will only be charged for the clothes that you decide to keep.

The Chapar Cost– No stylist fee.Shipping and returns are free. The wardrobe is sold at the full retail price, starting at $195, with no sales or discounts.

Clothing Subscription Services Clothing Subscription Services

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