Personal Style: Define Your Style In 8 Easy Steps In Less Than 8 Minutes!

Personal Style: Define Your Style In 8 Easy Steps In Less Than 8 Minutes!

Personal Style is ever-evolving. It’s not uncommon for you to appreciate several kinds of styles- maybe grunge on Mondays and school girl on Sundays. No matter how your style may change, it’s still important to have a personal style of your own, because it makes you unique and let’s be real, you’re here for wearing clothes, not uniforms. Defining your own personal style can be difficult and confusing, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you out. Here’s our personal list of tips to help you to define your personal style.

1. Decide who’s your style icon and research them

Write down the names of the celebs or influencers whose personal style you admire and take inspiration from them. Research their styles on Pinterest, Google or Instagram and write down the styles and outfits whose vibes and aesthetic make you feel comfortable.

2. Understand what you like

Before deciding your personal style it’s important to understand who you are and what you like. You’ll need to understand whether you’re conservative or wild, do you prefer a formal look or a casual one? What do you do when you have downtime? Are you a beach girl or a hiking chick?Give us a glimpse into your lifestyle in what you wear. Your personal style should speak on your age, occupation and your lifestyle.

3. Clean up your closet

Having a lot of clothes in your closet only leads to confusion when it’s time to dress up. Cleaning up your closet and removing the pieces which don’t suit your style will give you a good start. After you refine and rebuild your wardrobe with a style that resonates with you, it’ll be easier for you to get dressed as you’ll have limited spot-on options. Not sure what clothes to keep and what to throw away? Check out our post here on Fashion 333.

4. Try getting out of that squeeze-into-the-smallest-size mindset

Focus more on style and looks than the dress size. Get out of that squeeze-into-the-smallest-size mindset, because real style isn’t based on a number, it’s based on how you look and even more importantly on how you feel. When you feel your best, you look the best and vice versa.

5. Be authentic and trust yourself

While developing your style you should always be honest with yourself. Personal style isn’t about what others are wearing, style is what makes you look good and feel good. Forget about the size and designer tags. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles, patterns, colors, textures, accessories, etc. The outfit which suits you and reflects your personality is best suited to be your personal style. Always stay true to your taste and wear what you feel best in.

 6. Shop Smarter

Shop to dress, not just to fill up the gaps in your wardrobe. To sport the best you’ll need to get out of that “costliest-is-the-best” mindset because just money and a high price tag cannot make you look stylish. This is why your favorite celebs have stylists. It’s no secret that money can buy your trends and expensive clothes, but all the money in the world cannot buy you style.

7. Feature your Assets

Discover the best parts of your body and focus on highlighting them. If your eyes are blue-green gorgeous, show them off with an eyeshadow or an eyeliner! Do you have Naomi Campbell sleek legs? Sporting short pants and mini-skirts will add to your style. Always wear clothes that fit you well and suit your body shape. For a pear-shaped body it’s best to wear clothes that draw attention to your upper body and if your shape is more like an apple, you should try to draw attention away from your waist.

8. Put on some accessories

An outfit is incomplete without accessories. No matter how good your clothes are, you’ll still look empty without accessories, because in order to pull off the perfect look, accessories are very important. A bold necklace with jeans and a white shirt or a cool ear cuff paired with a mini-skirt adds a lot to your style and makes you look polished. Not to mention, that it’s always a great conversation piece.

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