Project 333: The Minimalist Fashion Challenge That You Have To Try!

Project 333: The Minimalist Fashion Challenge That You Have To Try!

Is your closet stuffed with so many clothes that you do not know what to wear? Does it take you forever to decide what to wear? Do you often find yourself thinking that you have a lot of clothes but nothing to wear? If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, then Project 333 is something you have to try!

Project 333 is a minimalist fashion challenge that dares you to dress with only 33 items from your closet for a stretch of 3 months. Courtney Carver, of Be More With Less, created this challenge a few years ago, and since then, it has taken the Minimalist and Fashion Savvy world by storm. 333 can be done by both men and women of all lifestyles and ages.

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Project 333 Is Simple:

  1. Dress with 33 items or less for atleast 3 months
  2. 33 items must include clothing, accessories, jewelry, and shoes
  3. Items like wedding rings or jewelry that you never take off are not part of the 33

You’re allowed to change the rules according to your lifestyle. However, it’s best to keep it Project 333 authentic.

Did you know that most of the population suffers from CBD or Compulsive Buying Disorder? CBD is characterized by an irresistible and uncontrollable urge to buy things. This obsession often results in expensive buys and time-consuming retail activity, mostly related to clothes and accessories.

Compulsive Buying Disorder leads to a cluttered closet and many other problems in later stages (insert credit card debt here). When you open your closet to get dressed up, it starts to feel like a clothing storage dump. There is just so much, that eventually, it becomes difficult to decide what to wear. We eventually become so frustrated, when deciding what to wear, that we settle on wearing clothes we’re not even comfortable in. We may like the look, but the truth becomes that we don’t love the look.

Project 333 eliminates buying obsession and retrains your mind. It teaches you how to survive with less and challenges you to adapt to a minimalist style. You should take up the challenge. If for nothing else, it’s a fun experiment to try. You may encounter difficulties narrowing down your closet to just 33 items at first, but in the long run, we promise you’ll enjoy it.

Benefits of Project 333:

  1. Forces you to dress like your authentic self
  2. Reduces the clutter in your closet and gives it a clean look
  3. Saves you time and lets you focus on more important things
  4. Helps you to save your money
  5. With the minimum choices inside your closet, you’re able to get the maximum result
  6. Helps you develop your personal style (More of that here).
  7. Reduces your shopping-oriented stress and tensions
  8. Shift your focus from quantity to quality
  9. Saves you from the urge to go shopping on holidays and saves your day for fun with your loved ones or maybe some time with yourself
  10. Makes it easy for you to discover what you really want and reduces self-doubts

These were just 10 benefits of Project 333! There are so much more!

So what’s stopping you? Just get up, open your closet and start working on your Project 333.

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