Travel Must-Haves: from Sundresses to Swimsuits

Travel Must-Haves: from Sundresses to Swimsuits

When it comes to vacations, it’s hard to know what are the Travel Must-Haves. However, what you pack for a vacation depends very much on where you are going and who you are with. However, packing the perfect summer suitcase is all about mixing and matching the right ingredients to provide you with a versatile enough wardrobe to cover every fashion eventuality, whilst easily fitting into a lightweight suitcase, at the same time.

However, hard it may be, try to limit yourself to a single base color. Then pack neutrals and other colors around it, plus some wonderful coordinating accessories.

10 Travel Must-Haves for Your Summer Suitcase

A little black dress

Choose something like a versatile, simple shift dress, which can be worn under a jacket or cardigan and be dressed-up for a special night out or for smart day wear.

Travel must-haves: A pair of chic black pants.

These go-anywhere trousers will take you from beach to bar or a romantic dinner. Ring the changes with a few tops and colorful accessories.

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Travel must-haves: A lightweight print sundress

if you are going somewhere hot and tropical on your summer vacation. Nothing is as versatile and as easy-to-wear as a throw-on dress. It also covers a multitude of sins in the figure department. If dresses are not your thing, then consider one of this season’s summer jumpsuits or playsuits, which are versatile and comfortable.

Travel must-haves: A just-above-the knee summer skirt.

This is the most flattering length, and shows off those tanned legs without looking tacky. If you feel the hemline is too short, then go for one that sits on-the-knee, but unless it’s a floor-sweeping maxi, calf-length skirts can make you look frumpy.

Travel must-haves: Six tops

a minimum of 2 for every bottom, whether that’s pants or a skirt. Cover every eventuality with some colorful plain tees or tops, and some more dressy ones. Ensure that they look good with your chosen pants and skirts, don’t wait until the holiday to find out!

Travel must-haves: An evening skirt or special dress.

This can be chiffon, silk, or some other elegant fabric, perfect for evening wear. Choose another little black dress, a stylish print, or a fashionable and elegant maxi.


The ultimate holiday black dress is from Australian designer Sacha Drake, which cleverly twists and turns into more shapes and styles than Gwyneth Paltrow at a Pilates class. This crease-proof, jersey dress transforms into 20 different styles, mini and maxi.

Two swimsuits and a cover-up.

Whether you prefer a one-piece, tankini-style or bikini, try to include two different styles so you don’t suffer form the same tanning marks. If you have yet to expose your flesh to the sun, then a one-piece swimsuit for those first few days, and a bikini, for more serious tanning. Don’t forget a sunhat to protect your head from the heat. Your beach cover-up can be the versatile sarong, or a cool caftan (or kaftan), which is right on-trend at the moment. A caftan has more possibilities in terms of where you can wear it, as it can also double as a tunic top or as a dress.

A cropped jacket or lightweight cardigan.

Essential for traveling, those chilly evenings, or an overly-air-conditioned hotel room. A cropped jacked or shrunken blazer can be both casual and chic, or go for a classy, classic cashmere cardigan or sweater.

A pair of lightweight trousers or jeans.

This season’s fashionable cropped pants are perfect holiday daywear or if you don’t want to be parted from your jeans then you can always opt for summer white (highly impractical, but great for a vacation) or a colorful pair of skinnies. As you are traveling, keep them loose fitting and comfortable, rather than sausage-skin tight.

Three pairs of shoes (and wear one).

Avoid taking ten pairs of shoes that only match particular outfits, or those which are likely to be uncomfortable to the point of unwearable, as your feet expand in the heat. Take 1 pair of sexy high-heels, to instantly change the look of your outfits; a pair of comfortable flats and some strappy summer sandals. Glamorous gladiators of the lightweight, strappy variety are sexy right-on-trend, and can be worked with your caftan, dresses and pants. Allow yourself the indulgence of wearing that extra pair on the plane. These could be some summer wedges, platforms or trainers, but try and wear your heaviest shoes on the trip. Buy any cheap and cheeful beach flip-flops when you get there, unless you have a favorite pair.

Choosing Your Travel Must-Haves

When selecting your travel must-haves, considering the nature of their fabric. Do they travel well? Are they lightweight enough? Do they need constant ironing? Linen, whilst cool and chic, can crease terribly. Aim for travel-ready fabrics, which require the minimum of fuss and do not look like a dish-rag when you remove it from your luggage. Cotton is comfortable and cool, chiffon or silk is sleek and lightweight. Also be wary of beaded tops and dresses which can snag on other clothing in your suitcase.

With careful thought and organization, your vacation suitcase will be lighter and more manageable this summer, and you’ll end up actually wearing most of your outfits, rather than overpacking, and leaving unworn outifits hanging in the your hotel’s wardrobe.


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